Homework is written daily on the board. Students are expected to write their assignments in their Homework planners. Assignments, unless otherwise stated, are due the next day. The homework assignments listed on this web site are provided for convenience, but the website is not the fundamental source.

Homework assignments are written on the board daily and time is spent reviewing homework on a daily basis. Homework is not excused if a student does not write down the homework assigned in class and also did not go on the website to review the assignments.

When a student is absent from school, it is his/her own responsibility to complete homework that has been missed.
Any missed homework will receive a grade of 0. Any late homework will be marked late and receive partial credit ONLY if made up by the NEXT day.

Incomplete homework does not just "go away". It must be completed and turned in the following school day. Neglecting homework will severely affect your child's grade and ability to participate in choice time activities.

Homework is a very important part of your child's education, therefore it is CRUCIAL that it is carefully completed daily. Not only is it an extension of what your child learns in school, but it also reinforces certain concepts that your child needs to have mastered.

Homework is practice at home that helps to reinforce skills and concepts learned in the classroom. Your child will be responsible for weekly assignments (spelling, vocabulary, reading log summaries, etc.) and other daily homework communicated in their Homework planners. They will also be expected to read nightly for at least 35-40 minutes.

Special Projects will be assigned in addition to the weekly homework.
Your child will be required to complete special, at-home projects and/or book reports throughout the year. These projects will be given with ample time to be completed.

Please check Homework planners nightly and sign that you are aware of the homework assignments.

Together we can help develop those all important "time management skills" that children need to be successful! :)
Thank you in advance for your support! I know that together we can make this a very successful year!